Wowza Transcoder AddOn test report

Following our latest review of the features of Wowza Media Server, let’s now look at how to transcode video streams using this plugin. This feature is helpful when you only have a single source of high quality video and you would like to deliver the video to multiple devices. Yet another example is video stream failback to audio only in an iOS application (AppStore’s requirement), where you need an additional stream with cut-off video. A typical approach to this problem requires a transcoder (you can also generate an audio only stream using the new Adobe Media Server 5.0). Usually, a transcoder is a separate server optimized for video handling. Wowza offers an alternative: transcoding at the media server level. Let’s look at how it works in more detail.


Wowza Transcoder is a paid addon to the Wowza Media Server. It can transcode incoming video to H.264 (MPEG-4) streams tailored for different viewing devices. To run a transcoder, please install a 64-bit version of Java. Wowza Media Server supports the hardware transcoder technologies: Intel Quick Sync hardware acceleration and Nvidia CUDA hardware acceleration.

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How to Stream Live Video From Your iPhone to the JW Player Using Wowza Media Server| LongTail Video

“A few people have asked us if they can stream live video from their iPhones directly to the JW Player. If you’re willing to install and configure a few applications, the answer is yes! This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

This tutorial is broken up into three steps…”

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Wowza Announces Inaugural Support for Windows Azure Media Services -PRWeb

“The award-winning Wowza platform will initially support on-demand streaming on Windows Azure Media Services, with any-screen delivery to Adobe® Flash®, Apple® iPhone® and iPad®, Android™, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, and other media player technologies and devices. The integration of Wowza Media Server with Windows Azure Media Services will allow customers to make instant use of the automatic scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of Windows Azure to build out audio and video streaming products for their end users.”

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Wowza Demonstrates Enhancements to It’s Media Server Platform at 2012 NAB – @wowzamedia Blog

“Wowza Media Systems, LLC, the ‘Any Screen Done Right™’ media server software company, today announced that it will demonstrate a set of enhancements to Wowza Media Server® 3 at the 2012 NAB Show. The newest version of the award-winning software platform, Wowza Media Server 3.1 includes refinements to the Network DVR™ (nDVR) AddOn, an audio-only option for the Wowza Transcoder™ AddOn, and Dynamic Transcoder Overlays.”

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Wowza Streaming Partner Uvault Custom-Builds Application for Wowza Media Server, Enabling Broadcasters to Deliver Closed Captions to Any Device – PRWeb

“Wowza Media Systems, LLC, the ‘Any Screen Done Right™’ media server software company, today announced that Uvault®, a Wowza® Streaming Partner, and CPC, a leading closed captioning solution provider, have joined forces to create the first multiscreen real-time closed caption capture-and-delivery solution. The custom application was built specifically for Wowza technology, and Uvault will distribute the service through its cloud-based content delivery network (CDN), which is powered by Wowza Media Server® software. The technology will give broadcasters a simple, affordable, out-of-the-box solution for complying with the FCC closed captioning mandate well ahead of the January 2013 deadline..”

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Unique Media Joins the Elite Ranks of Wowza Media Systems Streaming Partners | The Wire on SVConline

“Premier Provider Relies on Wowza Media Server Software for Live Streaming of High-Profile Global Events.


Wowza Media Systems, the ‘Any Screen Done Right(TM)’ media server software company, today announced that it has added Unique Media TV to its exclusive list of Streaming Partners, a designation reserved for those that have achieved high levels of deployment, expertise, and customer satisfaction with Wowza Media Server(R) software-based products.”

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Wowza Media Systems and Skytide Partner to Deliver Integrated Media Server and Analytics Solution for Content Delivery Networks

Wowza® Media Systems, the “Any Screen Done Right™” media server software company, today announced a partnership with Skytide, the leader in online video management analytics, to give CDN and IPTV providers tools for building enormously scalable and manageable networks. The solution combines market-leading Wowza Media Server® 3 software with Skytide’s Insight for CDNs analytics and reporting application.

Vimond and Wowza to Give OTT Customers Unified Streaming to Any Platform

Wowza Media Systems®, the “Any Screen Done Right™” media server software company, today announced that Vimond Media Solutions has integrated Wowza Media Server® with its advanced OTT platform. Broadcasters, distributors, and media companies rely on Vimond’s modular platform as an end-to-end-solution for monetizing their video content online.

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Wowza Media Server 3 Platform Gets High Marks From Beta Users and Gains Industry Recognition

Wowza Media Systems®, the “Any Screen Done Right™” media server software company, today announced that its upcoming Wowza Media Server 3 platform is receiving high marks from more than 1,500 companies participating in preview release testing. Wowza Media Server 3’s innovative capabilities and superior any-screen streaming are also being recognized with nominations for several prestigious industry awards.

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