Netflix vs. Amazon, and the New Economics of Television – NYTimes

It’s been a busy week for the companies in the business of trying to revolutionize how we watch television.

Netflix struck a deal to make its video streaming service available through set-top boxes offered by three cable companies; said it would raise its prices for new customers; and publicly objected to a planned merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable. HBO struck a deal to offer its shows on a formidable Netflix competitor, Amazon Prime. Oh, and while we’re at it, AT&T and the Chernin Group said they would introduce a new, $500 million venture to compete in the same crowded market.”

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Fan TV’s Slick Cable Box Replacement Is Coming to Time Warner Cable – Gizmodo

It’s been nearly a year since Fan TV told us about its plan to to revolutionize the way we watch live TV with a set-top-box. Today, Time Warner customers become the first to get access to the platform. It turns out that making your cable work better comes at a hefty price.

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Netflix opposes Comcast–TWC merger over ‘anticompetitive’ concerns | theverge

Netflix has come out in opposition of Comcast’s proposed purchase of Time Warner Cable, writing in a letter

to shareholders that the merger would give the combined service provider “even more anticompetitive leverage” to charge businesses ‘arbitrary’ fees before they can access customers. This view is, of course, no surprise: Netflix has already been pressured by Comcast into paying what it views as a net-neutrality violating fee in order to improve streaming service to its subscribers, and it’s certainly fearful that it’ll have to pay more of these down the road and that Comcast could even eventually come to directly compete on streaming with a service of its own.”

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Dish Network launches Anywhere app on Amazon Kindle Fire – FierceCable

Following similar moves from Cablevision and Time Warner Cable,

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Dish Network launched its Dish Anywhere app Wednesday on Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX tablets.

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Comcast to Acquire TWC- Our Take | Brightcove Blog

Last week, Comcast announced that it has agreed to acquire Time Warner Cable(TWC) for $45.2 billion. This is a deal between the country’s two largest cable companies;

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here’s our take on how this merger will shake out…”

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Comcast Says Combined Company Wouldn’t Throttle Netflix or Any Other Online Video Provider – Tech Trader Daily –

This week’s Barron’s magazine includes a column I wrote about the Comcast (CMCSA) – Time Warner Cable (TWC) proposed merger. In response to the article, Comcast’s David Cohen, head of the firm’s regulatory affairs, wrote to amplify some remarks he made about over-the-top video services, and also to rebut a claim made by Reed Hundt.

On the first score, over-the-top, Comcast already has an offering that is comparable in some respects to services such as Netflix (NFLX). Cohen emphasized that he considers over-the-top to be something more comparable to traditional multi-channel video provider services, including cable and direct broadcast satellite. Comcast has never been able to find a business model that works for such services.”

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VideoNuze Podcast #214 – Parsing the Comcast-TWC Deal – Videonuze

In today’s podcast Colin and I parse the $45 billion Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger, announced yesterday. As I wrote, I see the deal as all about helping Comcast achieve further scale that is required in order to succeed in today’s video environment. Colin notes that after TWC’s bruising battle with CBS, during which it lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers, the merger will shift some power away from broadcast and cable networks. “

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