Xbox now used more for entertainment than gaming – LostRemote

“As promised, Xbox has rolled out three big content partners, beefing up its role as a big television player in the living room. Starting today, HBO Go (for participating providers), Xfinity and MLB (for subscribers) are debuting on Xbox Live, adding to Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and many more. And marking today’s announcement, Xbox said more people are now using the console for entertainment purposes (TV, movies and music) than gaming.”

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Video Streaming on Game Consoles on the Rise via @nielsenwire

“Streaming video on game consoles is up over last year, according to Nielsen. An October survey reveals that streaming and video-on-demand represent a larger weekly share of usage on Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii compared to last year.


Streaming now represents a reported 14 percent of Xbox 360 time, 15 percent of PS3 time and 33 percent of Wii time. This growth is fueled by the availability of services like Netflix, Hulu, MLB Network and ESPN3. Time spent on game consoles in general is also on the rise. Metered console usage data from the first half of 2011 shows that the three platforms combined are up 7 percent in user time versus the year prior. Taken together, these findings suggest that streaming is incrementally adding to the time users are spending with consoles.”

Adobe buys @auditude reportedly for about $100 million via @newteevee

“Adobe Systems has acquired Palo Alto-based Auditude, the two companies jointly announced today.Auditude is a video ad management and analytics platform and it is part of Adobe’s efforts to beef up and reinvent its traditional publishing businesses for more contemporary markets. While the two companies didn’t announce the terms of the deal, sources close to the deal put the value of the acquisition value at around $100 million.


Auditude had raised a total of $38 million from Redpoint Ventures and Greylock Partners. It works with companies such as Comcast, MLB, Starz & Fox News. Auditude started out as video fingerprinting technology company but later morphed into a company that balanced ‘who owns the rights to make money from a video with what ads are available.'”