IPTV hits 100M subs globally; fiber growth helps drive broadband growth – Videomind

Global IPTV subscriber numbers have topped 100 million for the first time, reaching 100.9 million in the first quarter, while broadband households topped 690 million.

Point Topic report said IPTV was up 4.8% globally, similar to the previous quarter, and added a total of 4.6 million subs.”

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Xbox One to receive on-demand and live sports streams at 60 FPS – Polygon

“Xbox One users are set to receive access to live and on-demand sports content through Microsoft’s multi-year partnership with IPTV company, NeuLion.

With Microsoft’s agreement to licence the NeuLion Sports Platform, Xbox One users will be able to view live 24/7 linear channels and on-demand sports broadcasts at up to 6 mbps per stream and at 60 frames per second, according to an announcement. Streams will also be integrated with real-time data for stats and highlights.”

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Ericsson’s Mediaroom shows off next-gen IPTV interface, with Netflix and Hulu support – FierceCable

“Ericsson’s  Mediaroom IPTV business is getting ready to roll out its next-generation interface, which the company boasts will provide a much more graphically rich experience, voice-search capability, support for multiple screens and the ability to connect with over-the-top video content suppliers like Netflix  and Hulu.”

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