Netflix bets big on 4K, strikes partnerships with four TV vendors – gigaom

Netflix is firmly in the 4K camp at this year’s CES. The streaming service announced 4K partnerships with four major TV makers on Monday.

The company’s 4K content will stream with a bit rate of 15.6 Mbps. Currently, Netflix’s best-looking content streams with as much as 7 Mbps. However, devices that support 4K will use H.265 HEVC for regular HD content as well, which will actually save bandwidth for that kind of content.”

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Ultra HD TV: Not Ready for Primetime – variety

Technology will get a big push at CES, but the industry isn’t prepared to deliver the full 4K experience.

For more than 60 years, the television business has been a ravenous wolf pursuing the feature film business and its audience. The movie biz started as fat and easy prey. But to put some distance between itself and TV, it adopted a parade of innovations — 3D, widescreen, color, Sensurround, Dolby sound, 3D again, Imax and more — always hoping that a better picture and sound would coax people off their couches. But the living room screen matched the movies innovation for innovation and continued to shear off chunks of the movie audience.”

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