Japan commits to Ultra-HD

Japan is about to announce a major commitment towards 4K broadcasting. It already has a 4K ‘best of 4K’ channel on air (which went live on June 2nd) under the auspices of Japan’s ‘NexTV-Forum’ and representing all of Japan’s broadcasters both public and private.

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iTunes Extras now available on Apple TV, will launch with iOS 8 in the fall – Engadget

Apple’s iTunes Extras feature has offered customers a behind-the-scenes look at rented movies for some time, but up until now it only existed on the desktop. Thanks to an update that went out today, you’ll now be able to view iTunes Extras on your Apple TV. To get the additional content, your device must be running software version 6.2, which was released last week. The iTunes Extras material, including deleted scenes, images and director’s commentary, will automatically be added to your previously purchased HD movies.”

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Will Smartphones Jump-Start 4K Video Adoption? – re/code

Nearly ten years ago, U.S. broadcasters, by order of the government, helped usher in the new era of high-definition television. Will the next big upgrade be driven not by the government, but by the high-end smartphones that you may already own?

So-called ‘Ultra High Definition’ or 4K TV sets have barely hit store shelves in the U.S. But that has not stopped mobile phone makers Samsung, LG and Sony from hawking high-end devices since late last year with the capability to shoot videos in 4K, which boasts four times the resolution of conventional HD video.”

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Breaking Bad Is Now Streaming in 4K on Netflix – Gizmodo

What’s better than watching Walter White mix meth and scheme his sinister schemes? Watching Walter White mix meth and scheme his sinister schemes in Ultra HD, that’s what. And now you can, because Netflix is streaming Breaking Bad in 4K starting right now.

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Netflix Officially Launches 4K Streams, Touts UHD TVs from Sony, Samsung and LG – HD Living

In a post on the Netflix
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Blog, the company announced that the second season of the popular political drama House of Cards is now available in glorious 3840×2160 resolution, along with a handful of nature films directed by photographer and filmmaker Louie Schwarztberg.

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First look at the Mohu Channels, a connected TV tuner for cord cutters (video) GigaOm

Mohu Channels wants to make it easier to watch free HD TV and online video programming from Netflix and Hulu Plus without the need to switch inputs. Here’s how this looks

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Dejero LIVE+ Platform: The Power of LIVE News in the Palm of Your Hand

The Dejero LIVE+ Platform enables both traditional and online broadcasters

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to transmit high-quality HD or SD live video from a variety of mobile devices including professional-grade rugged transmitters, versatile camera-mounted units, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

At the push of a button, set up anywhere in seconds and broadcast live to television viewers, stream to the Web, transmit recorded video for later use, share video content with other organizations, or send files remotely. All LIVE+ products utilize Dejero’s award-winning, patent-pending, adaptive bitrate and bonding technology. “

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