Netflix has topped 50 million streaming subscribers for the first time – Quartz

Netflix surpassed 50 million subscribers to its streaming video service as the company kept up its torrid growth last quarter. At the end of June, Netflix had 36.2 million streaming subscribers in the US (up 16% from the previous quarter) and 13.8 million in the rest of the world (up 9%). Including the DVD business, Netflix reported a total of 56.3 million…

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Redbox losing vibrancy as streaming services draw more interest – Videomind

It’s not time to sound the death knell for Redbox, the video rental kiosk company that looked to take Netflix’s spot in the DVD rental market, but it may be time to sound a note of caution.

The company, which also has a deal to be Verizon’s movie streaming service of choice, looks to be losing steam as the bonds between the physical world of discs and those of consumers who would prefer to stream continue to weaken.”

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Redbox will close over 500 of its movie-rental kiosks this year – TheVerge

Redbox’s streak of big growth is over: the company says it plans to uninstall more than 500 of its DVD / Blu-ray rental kiosks this year. The move comes after Redbox saw its revenue increase by just 3 percent last year, and The Wall Street Journal says it’s not likely to see better results in 2014.”

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