Netflix’s CEO Is Trying To Use Net Neutrality To Deflect The Real Issue, Competition | Dan Rayburn –

“On Sunday, Netflix’s CEO took to his Facebook page to complain that Comcast isn’t being fair when it comes to net neutrality principles. His argument is that Comcast’s Xfinity TV streaming app on the Xbox 360 doesn’t count towards consumers monthly bandwidth cap, yet services like Netflix and Hulu do. While it’s a nice try on his part to drag net neutrality in the subject and get people all worked up, he’s simply trying to deflect away from the real issue at hand, which is the competition Netflix is facing from Comcast and others.”

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Line Between Apps and Websites Blurred, Says Comcast on @StreamingMedia

“Will the future of streaming entertainment rely on apps or HTML5 websites? Or is there much of a distinction between the two?


After he delivered the second day keynote for the recent Streaming Media West conference in Los Angeles, Matt Strauss, senior vice president and general manager for Comcast Interactive Media, sat down for a red carpet interview to discuss the online and mobile properties that make up Comcast Xfinity. His team relaunched the Xfinity site shortly before the conference.


‘We think that we’re at this moment where the lines are getting blurred between what is an app and what is a website, and we wanted to take all the learnings we got from the app and apply them to the web, which is why we relaunched our website a few weeks ago in HTML5,’ said Strauss.”

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VidBlogger Nation Launches As First Of Its Kind Social TV Network On Comcast

Marc Scarpa, veteran director and executive producer of live interactive media events, has launched the first of it’s kind social TV network with Comcast Xfinity On Demand, called VidBlogger Nation, that brings popular local YouTube talent into the living room of millions. VidBlogger Nation is shot on location by local video bloggers in 10 key markets, including Philadelphia, New Jersey, New England, Atlanta, South Florida, Michigan, Denver, Portland, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

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