Kaltura Raises $47 Million to Fuel International Growth – Videonuze

Online video platform Kaltura has raised $47 million, bringing its total capital raised to date to approximately $100 million. The round was led by new investors SAP Ventures, Nokia Growth Partners, Commonfund Capital and Gera Ventures, along with participation from existing investors. Kaltura plans to use the new funding for product development and to expand internationally in Brazil, Mexico, China, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Korea.”

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Ooyala Raises $35 Million as It Picks Up the Pace in Digital Video – Bloomberg

“The latest deal, announced today, is with Telstra, Australia’s biggest phone company. Telstra, which also offers Internet and pay TV services, plans to use Ooyala’s software to deliver its television content online and to resell it to other media companies and corporations. In addition, Telstra led a $35 million round of financing in Ooyala, which brings the total raised by the Mountain View, California-based company to $79 million.”

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Turn Your Phone Into A Universal Media Hub | Lifehacker Australia

“Your phone is already the centre of your digital life, handling everything from calls to games to email to entertainment. Let’s take your phone and all of the media you have on it to the next level, by turning it into a jukebox full of music, movies, and photos that you can play on almost any TV, stereo system, computer or other device you may come across, whether you’re moving from the living room to your bedroom or your house to a friend’s place. The technology is already built into your phone and the gear you have at home; all you need to do is unlock it.”

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The Perfection Paradox: Apple TV 3: A Perfect TV Set?

“From the recent revelations in the Steve Jobs’ biography and articles in the Wall Street Journal, as well as leaks from suppliers in Japan and Australia, the rumor mill is pounding the drums. Below are my own speculations about what the Apple TV set will be like, based on taking seriously Steve Jobs’ obsession with perfection.


Full disclosure: I have a personal interest in the outcome. Back in the summer of 2010, I placed a $1 bet that Apple would announce a TV set during Mac World of Jan. 2012.”

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Australia’s Internode trials IPTV via fibre sans multicast via @iptvnews

“Australian ISP Internode has successfully trialled the delivery of its IPTV service ‘FetchTV’ over the country’s new fibre-based National Broadband Network (NBN), without using IP multicast.


Simon Hackett, managing director of Internode, states that the company has also successfully trialled the delivery of its IPTV service to customers connected to the Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network ports operated by housing estate telecoms specialist Opticomm.”

@Akoo Gets New Patents for Interactive Technology That Allow Smartphones and Tablets to Control VOD via @agoramedia

“Akoo International, a media and technology innovator, today announced that the Company has been awarded new patents in major global markets – including Canada, Australia, and Israel – for its interactive technology, which allows smartphones and tablets to search and select on-demand television content via mobile app or text messaging. Akoo already holds patents for the technology in the United States, China, Russia and Mexico.


‘Our vision is integrating Akoo’s technology in set-top boxes, media servers, game consoles, and TV apps to drive the next generation of in-home on-demand television experiences.’”