Rovi Signs With Freescale for First DivX Plus Streaming Mobile Agreement

Rovi Corporation today announced its DivX Plus Streaming(TM) technology will be integrated into the latest Freescale i.MX 6 series ARM(R)-based processors for tablets and other smart mobile devices. The agreement continues the industry momentum for DivX Plus Streaming and will enable mobile device manufacturers to more rapidly release devices that support the feature-rich adaptive streaming solution.

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MediaTek’s Google TV 120Hz chipset detailed on @SlashGear

“MediaTek, one of Google’s new chipset partners for the ARM-based next generation of Google TV, has detailed the SoC potentially powering your next Android-based smart TV. The MediaTek 120Hz Smart TV packs media decoding, wireless, 3D processing and more into a single chip, including WiFi synchronization of multiple sets with one or more WiFi-enabled base stations, for simultaneous broadcast between them all.”

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How To Keep Peafowls, Peacocks And Peahens

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“The problem here is that I can’t see a single compelling reason why Apple should go into the business of making TVs. What’s more, not a single person writing about these ‘Apple TV’ rumors can come up with a good reason either. They pull together technologies like Siri and ARM-based CPUs, then do some hand-waving and come to the conclusion that Apple must be working on TVs. Ignoring the fact that Apple already sells a product that will connect to any TV that happens to have an HDMI connector called the AppleTV.”