Video Editing API For Developers – @Magisto Automatic Video Editor

“The Magisto API brings a mass real time editing platform to your customers, allowing them to upload home videos and create professional quality movies directly from your own website or application in minutes.”

Magisto video with GoogleDevelopers :

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Create Custom Video Applications with the Kaltura API – Pink TV’s Automatic Video Pages – Kaltura Community Blog

“If you have a development team within your organization, using an API to create the basis of your video solution can be incredibly powerful. The flexibility of an open source API can empower your team to build custom-made video solutions to wow your audience.”

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Chrome updates its Beta build to include improved HTML5 video support, plugin-free real-time audio

“Key to the update is improved audio and visual capabilities  Among the upgrades is ‘track’ support for HTML 5 video playback, which Google states will allow for simple addition of video overlay features such as captions and subtitles. Also included in the new Chrome Beta is the addition of the MediaSource API, which allows for adaptable video playback. This will help those streaming on connections that can vary in quality still watch their video, without what the company calls ‘excessive buffering.'”

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TVSync API unveiled, helps devs build second-screen and smart TV apps

Second screen apps seem to be all the rage as of late, and Vobile’s freshly announced TVSync API platform can help developers ride that wave of popularity. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, PCs and some smart TVs, the API can be leveraged to supplement what’s on the silver screen with relevant content ranging from polls to products.

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@Brightcove Acquires Zencoder « Zencoder Cloud Encoding Blog

“Today, Brightcove entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Zencoder. Zencoder will continue to operate as an independent service, but we will do so as a part of Brightcove.


We are really excited about this, and hope you will be too, for the reasons outlined below. In summary, Brightcove is a complementary company in the video space who believes in our developer focus, is committed to standalone API-based services, and will keep Zencoder operating largely as you see it today – only better, and with more resources behind us.”

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Microsoft releases SmartGlass SDK for Xbox 360 developers | Ars Technica

“Just weeks after first announcing its SmartGlass initiative for Xbox 360 at a pre-E3 press conference, Microsoft has released the SmartGlass software development kit. It allows Xbox 360 developers to easily integrate PC, tablet, and phone screens in with their Xbox 360 games and applications.


The SDK (Xbox 360 developer login required) comes with an Xbox SmartGlass Studio environment for building ‘SmartGlass Activities.’ It also includes a Javascript API that will work across Windows, iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, plus a library of sample code for developers to build off of.”

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