How to Stream Local Content from Android to Chromecast! – YouTube | Android Authority

Get the Chromecast! The Chromecast is an amazing, versatile piece of hardware, and, with its recently opened up API for developers, removes the restriction for the hardware itself. This means you can now cast content on your TV directly from your device! There are two applications covered in this video that let you stream your local content your TV. Allcast created by Clockworkmod and Castaway created by PrimeTimeCoder. Let’s put these two applications head to head!”

Download Allcast here!
Download Castaway here!

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Boxfish Releases TV Discovery and Search API

Boxfish, television discovery startup, released an improved TV discovery app this past week. With the new release, Boxfish decided to make its technology available to third parties via an API. Boxfish allows the use of natural language to search for particular topics currently discussed on TV, or users can find out what is currently most popular on tv.

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Zencoder: Live transcoding

“Zencoder’s Live Cloud Transcoding API enables content providers to deliver adaptive bitrate streaming to multiple devices from a single RTMP origin stream. Our powerful cloud transcoding platform reduces operational cost and complexity, eliminates bandwidth bottlenecks, and provides viewers with a high quality user experience on their device of choice.”

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