Amazon Instant & Vudu Coming To TiVo – zatznotfunny

It’s shaping up to be a splendid fall for TiVo (and us subscribers). As if a TiVo Mini fee adjustment, mega rack mountable DVR with hard drive RAID, and Android streaming weren’t enough, two highly…

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Dish Enhances Explorer Second Screen App with TV Control Capabilities and Personalized Programming Recommendations – HDLiving

Dish Network gets it. At a time when more and more consumers are dropping their linear TV subscriptions in favor of Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Amazon Instant, and other on-demand streaming video services, it seems that the response of most tradition providers is to raise rates and try to concoct market monopolies. Dish, by contrast, seems to be striving to actually give viewers more reasons to actually turn on the TV. Sometimes that motivation comes in the form of controversial commercial-skipping technology like Auto Hop. There’s also PrimeTime Anytime, which automatically records all of your primetime network programming every night and saves it for eight days, so if your friends are work are raving about that great new show you missed the night before and you want in on the fun, you don’t have to jump through all the hoops of catching up on the network’s website. In effect, the Dish Hopper takes linear broadcast television and turns it into an on-demand streaming-like experience.”

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